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Hylton House carries show stopping designer originals that will remain in a woman's closet for a life time. Our fashions are for the woman who wants to be or is more than average. The Hylton House collection evolved from personal fashions constructed by the founder and Director, Sharon Wickham-Hylton -a woman who is more than average! Sharon regularly wore her original designs out to events. That's where the compliments began, which were quickly followed by the requests for her to create incredible outfits for others. 


Hylton House uses a wide range of fabrics imported from across the border and other continents. Tasteful chiffons, stretch fibres, bold colours and metallics. The wide range of fabrics appeals to ones imagination with a classical-yet-modern flavour that works extremely well together.  


At Hylton House we acknowledge the many hats a woman wears and know she needs that special outfit for varying occasions. How fitting that our eclectic collection is only produced as limited editions; custom or one of a kind. Our O.T.O. creations (One Time Only) are for the fashionably elite who desire to exclusively possess a one of a kind Hylton House design.


Embracing the diversity in woman of all shapes and sizes, ethnic backgrounds and personalities, Hylton House provides image consulting from head to toe. Our talented team of experts in make-up, accessories and fashion will ensure that you look and feel like the extraordinary woman you are!

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